New Corporate Identity - Nelson Heusi Group.

New Corporate Identity - Nelson Heusi Group.

To enhance the representativeness of its new moment in the global market, the New Corporate Identity of the Nelson Heusi Group is presented in 2023. It is aligned with the revitalization of its business mission and vision and the values that govern the daily operations of all companies in the group.

The new brand carries all the symbolism and history of its predecessors, but now, with an innovative, minimalist, and more modern design to the reality of business. Light strokes and modern colors join forces to enchant customers, partners, employees, and the entire foreign trade market.

The branding strategy is in line with some pillars that are already part of the Nelson Heusi Group's DNA:

- Respect, ethics, and responsibility.
- Focus on the customer experience.
- Innovation and continuous improvement.
- Passion for challenges.
- Together we are stronger.

Thinking about the future is only possible by making choices in the present. Tradition, expansion, and growth pave the way for overcoming challenges and distinguished achievements.

Armazéns Gerais

New Corporate Identity - Nelson Heusi Group.


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The 90th anniversary of the Nelson Heusi Group with Marcos Rodi Heusi - CEO

Nine decades and a great history of commitment to foreign trade.


The Nelson Heusi Group posts daily on its website and emails quotes for exchange rate to keep your customers and partners up to date. Stay tuned and review this information to to do a lot
Unique value for the registration of the Import Declaration (D.I.).

Dollar EUA Bid (R$) Ask (R$)
02/10 PTAX 5.0673 5.0679
Euro Bid (R$) Ask (R$)
02/10 PTAX 5.3273 5.3299
Source: BACEN

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