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The 90th anniversary of the Nelson Heusi Group with Marcos Rodi Heusi - CEO


It all began in 1933 at the hands of President Getulio Vargas, who gave wings to the dream of my great-grandfather, Mr. Nelson Seara Heusi, appointing him as a Customs Clearance Agent of the Customs Revenue Desk of Itajaí, Santa Catarina.

Since then, this dream has been part of the lives and generations of our family, who, little by littl ...

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New Code of Ethics and Conduct - Nelson Heusi Group.


The 2023 publication features a new design that aligns with the most recent branding strategy adopted by the companies in the group. It also includes text improvements that complement the contents of previous versions.

Ethics and integrity continue to be the solid foundation of the principles applied, as well as the commitment to responsib ...

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New Corporate Identity - Nelson Heusi Group.


To enhance the representativeness of its new moment in the global market, the New Corporate Identity of the Nelson Heusi Group is presented in 2023. It is aligned with the revitalization of its business mission and vision and the values that govern the daily operations of all companies in the group.

The new brand carries all the symbolism ...

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The Nelson Heusi Group posts daily on its website and emails quotes for exchange rate to keep your customers and partners up to date. Stay tuned and review this information to to do a lot
Unique value for the registration of the Import Declaration (D.I.).

Dollar EUA Bid (R$) Ask (R$)
30/05 PTAX 5.0587 5.0593
Euro Bid (R$) Ask (R$)
30/05 PTAX 5.4143 5.4154
Source: BACEN

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