China opens market for Brazilian peanuts.

The Chinese government has granted permission to 47 Brazilian companies to export peanuts.

The Chinese government has granted permission to 47 Brazilian companies to export peanuts. In a meeting with technical teams from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply (MAPA) this week, the General Administration of Customs China (GACC) confirmed the completion of all necessary technical steps for Brazilian peanut exports.

GACC has granted permission for 47 Brazilian peanut companies, and the opening for exports has been effective since yesterday (September 22nd). The companies were authorized by the MAPA's Department of Inspection of Plant-based Products.

As the world's largest consumer of peanuts, China imports over US$800 million worth of peanuts annually. From January to May 2022, 248,150,853 kilograms of the product were imported. Brazil has all the conditions to achieve good participation in these exports by expanding sales to China.

The opening of the Chinese market for Brazilian peanuts is part of a package of advances achieved in bilateral negotiations this year, possibly the most important in over a decade.

"This shows that our second crop, which is peanuts, sesame, and great millet, begins to have space in our exportation", says the Minister of MAPA, Marcos Montes, adding that the opening of the new market will provide an expansion of the product's exportation, job creation, and income in Brazil.

In addition to peanuts, there is an expectation that sesame and great millet exports will be finalized this year. Negotiations for the export of soybean meal and protein, as well as citrus pulp, have also been concluded.

They can be exported within a few weeks. MAPA is also working on the authorization of grape sales to the Chinese market soon, as well as chicken and pork flour.

Peanut in Brazil

According to data from the Brazilian Chocolate, Peanut, and Candies Industry Association (Abicab), obtained through ComexStat, in 2021, Brazil exported the equivalent of US$330.5 million of the product (256.6 thousand tons). Brazilian exports have European countries as their main destination.

To ensure that the peanut produced is safe and suitable for consumption - whether for export or the domestic market - MAPA (the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply) conducts regular audits of companies.

Source: MAPA

Armazéns Gerais

China opens market for Brazilian peanuts.


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